“I’m a lifelong Conservative Republican who will protect our Constitution and further conservative principles. I’m not going to Washington to further a career, rather represent the great people of the 9th District.”
It’s no secret Maria Strickland cares about the hardworking people of North Georgia.

Maria’s a resident of Fannin County and considers the people she’ll serve in Georgia’s 9th District, her neighbors, her friends, her family, and the constituents she’ll faithfully represent.

Maria’s a retired law enforcement officer, wife, and mother. After twenty-six years of faithful service to her community, Maria’s goal is to serve the good people of the 9th District as their representative in the U.S. Congress. As a true political outsider, Maria’s an American just like you and understands what it takes to make and keep America great.

Do you feel like your voice isn’t heard in Washington? As a fellow North Georgian, I’ve felt this way too. But together we can change that! I’ll protect your constitutional rights and further the conservative principles that matter to you. So, join #TeamMaria and together let’s make your voice heard in Congress!

“I’m truthful and fair, and I will keep my word—something we don’t see in Washington from the establishment career politicians who become beholden to special interest groups. I’m not one of them. I’m an American like you.”

Support the President and his policies.

Maria’s a proud supporter of President Trump. She firmly believes his policies have helped our country thrive and become a better place to live. She promises to work hard to help the President continue to drain the swamp and stop runaway spending, fraud, waste, and abuse.

Increase funding for law enforcement and public safety training.

As a retired law enforcement officer and expert in public safety, Maria understands firsthand the need for ongoing training. She knows that continued education enables first responders to offer more services that enrich their communities. She pledges to increase funding for instruction that’s focused on mental illness, the homeless, the opioid crisis, human trafficking, and veteran care.

Improve the quality of life for veterans.

Maria highly respects and is deeply grateful to our country’s veterans. In addition to more funding toward veteran care training, she also wants to preserve extended long-term medical care, make post-service career resources more readily available, and waive all taxes on veterans’ pensions and disability pay.

Give local educators more decision-making power.

Our 9th District teachers, administrators, and schools understand better than the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. what our students need and want. Maria aims to eliminate the Jimmy Carter Department of Education and return educational decisions to local educators. Our students are our future, and it’s vital we give them the right education to fit their needs.

Give local educators more decision-making power.

Protect and defend the unborn.

Maria’s pro-life and a proud supporter of Georgia’s heartbeat bill (Georgia HB481). Once in Washington, she’ll work to defund Planned Parenthood and fight to end any tax money allocation to organizations that threaten unborn children.

Safeguard and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

For too long, the Social Security reserve has been treated as a slush fund for Congress. The waste, fraud, and abuse need to stop. Maria’s dedicated to protecting both Social Security and Medicare from it.

Safeguard and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Fight to guard our nation’s borders.

The crisis at the border puts an enormous burden on our nation’s financial budget, as well as allows illegal drugs and human trafficking to infiltrate our country. Maria supports the Wall and pledges to fight against illegal immigration. She believes our border patrol agents need proper resources to aid them in securing our border. Additionally, Maria supports I.C.E. officers who diligently keep our nation safe and do so in the face of continual protest from the radical Left.

Balance our budget and reduce our deficit.

Our government needs to take more fiscal responsibility by reducing bureaucratic waste and abuse that currently exists in Washington. Maria’s committed to seeing that our budget is balanced and our deficit reduced.

Balance our budget and reduce our deficit.

Stand for our First Amendment rights to religious liberty.

Maria firmly believes in protecting First Amendment rights and is encouraged by the steps President Trump is taking to return prayer to schools. Allowing children to pray in school is the first step to acknowledging that our rights need to be recognized and allowed. She vows to partner with him in these efforts.

Help create a better healthcare plan.

Our country needs a healthcare plan that will lower costs and increase accessibility, which requires common-sense solutions and an end to waste, fraud, and abuse. Maria pledges to fight to open the markets, so people have more options from which to choose. She also vows never to agree to a healthcare plan that doesn’t include provisions for those with pre-existing conditions.

Help create a better healthcare plan.

Conserve our Second Amendment right.

Maria’s pro-gun and understands the importance of protecting people’s Second Amendment rights. She’ll fight to keep those freedoms. While the democrats work to control us by proposing new red flag laws, Maria disagrees with implementing new legislation. Instead, she suggests revisiting established laws that already address the mentally ill and domestic violence gun-related issues.

Encourage small business.

Red tape and high taxes hurt small businesses. Maria’s committed to supporting our booming economy by helping owners and entrepreneurs by removing red tape and reducing taxes.

Encourage small businesses.

Resist the Radical Left.

The Left refuses to move forward after losing the last presidential election and has mounted endless attacks at President Trump, including impeachment. Maria’s determination to stop the Radical Left from destroying our great country with socialism and spreading a hatred that threatens to tear our nation apart.

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